Case Study

How Field and Marshal Mortgages helped foreign national obtain a mortgage

The Problem

Jess & David were having issues obtaining a mortgage because David had Work Permit Visa issues in the UK was a Canadian national.

Daniel Kitchener, principal Mortgage Adviser at Field and Marshal Mortgages bumped into Jess’s father at a networking event. He explained the problem and added that two previous Mortgage Advisers had said that Jess and David could not get a mortgage, or if they could, that they would have to pay a very high interest rate and not be able to borrow the amount that they required to buy their dream home.

The Solution

Jess’s father did not hold out much hope.  Daniel gladly took on the task.  Within 48 hours he had found a high street lender (one of the big 6) that would lend to them, an amount more than they required and at a very competitive rate. 

The Conclusion

Needless to say Jess and David, and Jess’s father, were over the moon.  It just goes to show that some Mortgage Advisers don’t do a lot of research to justify their fee and cherry pick the low hanging fruit!!